"Idolisch Seven" scented hand cream of each member image appears

"Idolisch Seven" scented hand cream of each member image appears

February 5, 2019 0 By Angel Brewer
From the cosmetic brand managed by Bandai “CreerBeaute (Claire Bote)”, an image of seven members including seven members including IDOLiSH 7 (Idolish Seven) idol group “IDOLiSH 7 (Eidorish Seven)” appeared in the application game “Idolisch Seven” Rich Seven Hand Cream Set “All three types of reservation reception started.This product is an image of seven people (Izumi Ichiro, Nikaido Yamato, Izumi Marchami, Shiro Fu ring, Osaka Goshi, Rokuya Nagi, Nanase land) of the idol group “IDOLiSH 7” that appeared in the app game “Idolisch Seven” It is all three types with a scented hand cream set. To the hand cream of aroma and design tailored to the image of each member, 5 types of beauty ingredients including plant-derived moisturizing ingredients are compounded. It gives moist moisture to hand while being healed by scent. While moisturizing your hands, you can use it regardless of the season because it is difficult to stick to hand cream. You can also use it anytime anywhere because it is a tube type that can also be put in the bag.

The hand cream body is a refreshing stripe using each member’s image color, and a music symbol which is a symbol of each member is given. In addition, we delivered in a dressing box designed shooting visuals wearing the underwear apparel brand “Re: IT (re-it)”. You can also enjoy the appearance of a member who takes a cool pose with a chic look.

Izumi Iori … … Relax herbs Blend the scent of lavandine with geranium and a refreshing scented tea tree with a sense of transparency, with strength and gentleness, with citroneaire and lemon grass as a base note feels refreshing youthfulness. It is a fragrance of natural glassy herbal.

Nanase Lu … Floral Bouquet Floral scent of bouquet type loved by everyone, combining flowers telling the arrival of spring such as peony, plum and cherry blossoms. Floral notes that are not too sweet to remind you of the warm sunshine, the fragrance of lilies and musks are faintly left behind.


Bandai Official:http://p-bandai.jp/?rt=pr

Iori & Land Set, Ring & Ring Set:http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000121193/?rt=pr

Yamato & March & Nagi Sethttp://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000121206/?rt=pr

Clair Beaute Official Website:http://www.creerbeaute.co.jp

Yamato & March & Nagi Set

Nikaido Yamato … The fragrance of Uba tea (green tea) which is the world’s three biggest teas, with a faint scent of green tea roses and jasmine. Amongst the fragrance that has a sense of relaxation, the fragrance of the musky, which makes adults feel comfortable, scents.

Izumi Mitsuki … Orange Citrus Harmonizes gentle floral notes such as jasmine, lily and freesia to the fresh citrus notes of lemon, grapefruit, lime, orange. Regardless of gender, the scent of fresh citrus floral which is popular is also recommended when you want to refresh your mood.

Rokuya Nagi … Elegant Rose A fragrance that makes you feel spectacular and noble, like scenting in the rose garden. The fragrance of an elegant white musk leaves a faint color. Rose called “Queen of flowers” directs gorgeous and elegant femininity.

Ring & Honorable Set

Yobo ring … Pure Shabon Harmonizes the fragrance of fresh citrus and fruit reminiscent of freshly washed cotton to pure bubble which makes you feel refreshing air. A fresh and refreshing scent reminiscent of the blue sky directs the light feeling rhythmically.

Osaka Matsumoto … Suite Rila Gentle floral notes calming the mind, adding thickness to the middle notes with lily and ylang ylang to the lovely scent of lila blooming in the early summer. The fluffy and gentle scent of white musk gently sticks.

product Overview

  • Product name: Eidishrish Seven hand cream set <Iori & Land set, ring & grand set> <Yamato & March & Nagiset>
  • Price: Iori & Land set, ring & magnificent set … 2,808 yen each Yamato & March and Nagi set … 4,212 yen (tax included) (shipping fee and fee separately)
  • Target age: 15 years old · Set contents: 1 weave & land set, ring & magnificent set … hand Cream 2 pcs Yamato & March and Nagi set … Hand cream 3 pcs
  • Product size: Cosmetic container … about H125 × W40 × D25 (mm)
  • Material: Hand cream … Cosmetics

※ Container, container cap … PE, PET, AL

※ Box, partition … Paper

· Producing countries: Japan

· Sales route: Bandai official shopping site “Premium Bandai”, others TBD http://p-bandai.jp/?rt=pr )

· Reservation period: December 11, 2017 (Monday) 13 o’clock ~ As soon as the number of preparations is reached

· Product delivery: scheduled for April 2018

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