First rotation in 2018. . . Fuchiko in large rotation

First rotation in 2018. . . Fuchiko in large rotation

March 25, 2019 0 By Angel Brewer

2018. . .The greed has already started well But . .

The capsule toy is also the first time. . .
After all, it will be this for the first time. . .

Cup of Fuchiko 6

It is a new regular Fuchiko for the first time in 2 years
That said, the price is raised to 300 yen, which is comparable to specials. . . It has changed a little like there is no secret
It’s been a long time since, and it has a big spin. . . It is all six

Fuchiko of consolidation

Acrobatic poses are well lined up this time
It is upside down and can be set on the edge of the cup even with the foot. . . After all, this one would become like

Fuchiko of speech bubble

Fuchiko of the bonus coffee of the other day It is a pattern like
This is not a seal, it has a finish that can be written on the surface of the balloon

Fuchiko of fallen leaves

Collaboration with natural things is also one of Fuchiko’s promises
And the quality is also high
I wonder if the balance is difficult at the edge of the cup. . . I thought, but it is quite stable

Fuchiko of the mirror

Koru that balance was severe. . . The mirror was heavy and it wasn’t quite stable at the edge
The surface of the mirror is a seal. . . It doesn’t mean it looks good though
The top picture is the back of this mirror. . . The quality of the mirror work is amazing. . .

Gust of wind

This time, it is the first favorite
I can express the feeling of the movement of the wind well. . . Good quality with hair and a good skirt
And the sexy route is well inherited
What’s good, take off your shoes and bare feet

Nekominami Fuchiko

Maybe I think that this is a thing that corresponds to the traditional secret
It will not be the most popular. . .
The quality is also high, and the hand is quite intricate
Also the coloring part is notable. . . There is also a glade

And. . .

Both the president and your cabinet are in good places (the white cat president of Macros Club Mr. Sho 1701)

It became big rotation, but please do not ask for the number of rotations … It became the first time of satisfaction