Cute sweets made with clay, twist marshmallow recipes

Cute sweets made with clay, twist marshmallow recipes

December 4, 2018 0 By Angel Brewer


Fake Suite
Chocolate, candy, etc. It looks like a real sweet like color and shape accessories and miscellaneous goods, it is very cute. Do not you think it is fun if you can handmade items that are fancy at the seemingly ordered shops?This time, we will introduce a recipe handmade pastel color marshmallows with lightweight clay.

The characteristic of lightweight clay is anything lighter. It hardens with natural drying, so even beginners can handle it, it is recommended for making accessories.

However, since there is no strength, please note that it may be damaged if it gets too strongly even after curing.

Because it is difficult to color dark colors on lightweight clay, it is suitable for making candy goods and works (fake sweets) such as macaroons and marshmallows, which are suitable for light pastel colors.

Also, because it does not have water resistance, especially when it is finished as an accessory work, it is necessary to coat with a water resistant or water repellent varnish. Without this coating, color may fall when wet in the rain, clay may melt.

Resin clay, as opposed to lightweight clay, is very heavy. In addition, the possibility of shrinking when dried and the color becomes darker, so it is necessary to make it larger than desired size and make the color thinner, with the view of the completed image after drying. It is suitable for making fake sweets in general, but due to its heavy nature, it is not suitable for processing into large pierced earrings or earrings.

By the way, paper clay is a clay made of paper as the name suggests. It is made by adding glue etc. to finely cut paper. Paper clay is not suitable for long-term preservation even when it is unopened, it will dry out over time. Also, although it is possible to color but color development is not so good, it is more suitable for handicrafts etc. with hobbies rather than for making accessories.

There are many fake sweets using lightweight clay.

For example, a donut. Color with acrylic paint and paint varnish for finish, it looks like a donut like a chocolate cliff. If you decorate with cream parts on it, it looks more delicious.

Donut made with clay

It is particularly suitable for pale color sweets such as macaroons. Make a macaroon by pasting lightweight clay into pastel colors, and then attach it with a glue to a ballpoint pen wrapped with a ribbon, it becomes a lovely macaron pen.

Macaron pen

How to make pastel color twist marshmallows

Then, let’s introduce a recipe that actually makes cute marshmallows using lightweight clay. We can make it with less material, so please try it.


  • Lightweight clay (soft type is recommended)
  • Acrylic paint
  • varnish
  • cutter

How to make

  1. Color light weight clay with acrylic paint. (A small amount will be sufficiently colored.
  2. 1. Prepare three colors of clay by the method of. In this recipe, I use purple, yellow and green.
  3. Stretch each clay thinly by hand and pile like a photograph.
    Clay pile
  4. While keeping this state, I will twist little by little like a cloth width stop.
    Clay twist
  5. After twisting, cut off the extra part with a cutter.
  6. I painted a varnish and it is completion!

The completed marshmallows are arranged in accessories and straps

Once you have a marshmallow, let’s arrange it as an accessory.

As shown on the left picture, it is cute even if it is a key ring or a strap, and it is also possible to make it a hairpin like the one on the right. Brackets for key holders and accessories can be prepared at the handicraft shop.

Clay accessories

How was the fake sweet made with lightweight clay easily? You can easily make it at home, please try making it.