“Convenient to leave a repo for oneself” “Dreamy notebook” with no memories anymore

“Convenient to leave a repo for oneself” “Dreamy notebook” with no memories anymore

April 15, 2019 0 By Angel Brewer

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Memories of live performances, concerts and art exhibitions ticket. How are you doing?
Reporters put in A4 file and keep,When did you go, with whom? My memory is already vague.
That time I will keep my feelings and enthusiasm together Good items are buzzing on SNS.

That is, “Hagoromo” that is producing various contents from store support to calendar publishing Repo-tike “is.

It was gradually gaining popularity, for example being taken up by the Nikkei MJ (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Ltd.), but it is the lifestyle goods store that its appeal has spread at a stretch Tokyu Hands “Tweet of.

Yes, “Repo-tike” is like “Save important tickets beautifully” and “Report fun memories” You can leave tickets and memories as a set, It was a note that was not likely!

The voice of praise has been raised one after another on SNS. What makes this “Repo-tike” “excellent” is

● Pocket on the top

You can also put multiple tickets and photos of L version size. 20 pockets.

● Free space on the bottom side that can be filled with feelings

Pen offset Or I will not lose to glue thick High-quality paper is used. It’s nice to be able to accept it even if you put your feelings into Gashigashi with a color pen.

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● 10 colors of ring

Member color etc Pushing color “Large color development like holding down the psychology of a certain fan.” Choose from “Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue, White, Black, Silver, Bronze”. I feel a little sad that there is no purple and orange.

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● Easy to hold size

120 x 210 mm in the closed state. As 210mm is the same as the long side of A5 size, it slips into the bag.

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It is such functionality.

Storing together with the thought is likely to increase the opportunity to look back.

Price includes tax 972 yen. The handling shops are as follows.

HMV & BOOKS Stores
Princess Cafe Ikebukuro New Building, Akihabara Building
La Shiban each store
Animate stores
Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro


Besides that, there are also mail order handling.

Detail is Official site.