A large pouch

A large pouch

January 16, 2019 0 By Angel Brewer

Original porch with matching favorite cloth. Spans and tassels are fashionable for accent.


Striped cotton cloth (front bag cloth, back bag cloth)

… 55 cm × 30 cm Flower pattern cotton cloth (front sack cloth)

… 34 cm × 30 cm Quilt core

… 41 cm × 30 cm fastener

… 30 cm 1 book sequins

… 6 mm round, 30 pink, blue 12 Sheet chappe hand sewn

… No.3, No.19 Municipal thread yarn

… No. 20, No. 21, No. 23

How to make

① Return the front and back cloths and bottom cloth and sew the items together and pile up the quilt core.

② Remove the bottom cloths in order and remove the sequins.

③ fold it in the middle table, and return it to the outside of the sewing line.

④ Cut the stuffed quilted core.

⑤ Fold the corner of the bottom, return the town, clip it hard.

⑥ Squeeze the inner side of the cloth edge 0.5 cm from the edge of the cloth, squeeze it, fold the curve and fold.

⑦ Attach the zipper cloth to both ends of the fastener in a row.

⑧ Return it to the table, put the fastener back halfway.

⑨ Put the backpack cloth the same as the front bag cloth. Put the inside of a sewing line.

⑩ Put the front bag and the back pouch on the outer surface and apply the mouth side of the back pouch to the fastener.

⑪ Make a tassel and attach it to the end of the fastener.

Actual size large size paper · design

The pattern paper is a PDF file.

※ In order to read the PDF file Adobe Reader Is required. Please download those who do not have it.

(* If you are unfamiliar with PC environment, please enlarge and see.)

Batch Printout

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How to use pattern paper

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How to read the paper pattern

Seam allowance is not included in the pattern.

Please add the seam allowance of the figure of ○ (unit cm) except designation.

St. Stands for stitching.

The number shown on the stitch is the thread color number.