100 uniform dog (dog) motif stationery 9 selection

100 uniform dog (dog) motif stationery 9 selection

January 15, 2019 0 By Angel Brewer

“Dog (dog) motif goods” which new products will sell one after another from 100! A lot of must-like items like dogs (dogs) are necessary. Especially stationery introduces the “dog (canine) motif stationery” of 100 dandy (Daiso · ceria · canddu) cute items in agony class all together!

I had an irresistible sticky note for Celia like a dog, so I bought an impulse

I found it in Celia today, but is not it too cute? What? Only one dog remains and impulse buy w The back side is also cute and wonderful points

Dog point seal

Today I found a pretty dog seal in Celia – There are a variety of daughters with a child similar to Kurumi-chan, so every child is cute v janeyuu’s stuff or something really used for a postcard w!


Dog ballpoint pen

I got ballpoint pens of this pretty dog with Daiso, so I want to do something like this …

I used the ballpoint pen I found in Daiso yesterday, I used it a bit and I got mixed in the pen stand at my work place and it became obsolete If it got mixed then it is easy to understand Wow pretty

Dog’s sticky note

Daiso bought dog’s sticky note cute